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Council Delegates

Welcome to Clayton-Henry NPHC, the council representing all the historically black fraternities and sororities in the Clayton and Henry county areas. Our council delegates work tirelessly to provide helpful information to each organization ensuring a cohesive and supportive network.

Delegate Responsibilities: The Delegate attends monthly Council meetings and casts the chapter's vote on all business matters. The Delegate is a crucial position who serves as a liaison between their chapter, other chapters and the larger sorority and fraternity community.

Organization Delegate Roster

Alpha Phi Alpha 

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Kappa Alpha Psi

Omega Psi Phi

Delta Sigma Theta

Phi Beta Sigma

Zeta Phi Beta

Sigma Gamma Rho 

Iota Phi Theta

Bruce Bradley

Dana Pressley / Khristal Pace / Candi Cylar

Not Active

Quinton Saxby 

Kimberly Miles / Candice Watkins

Calaph Pernell

Shaneeta Henderson / Alexis Abbot / Cendric Olds

Milrinette Nelson (Alpha Kappa Zeta Chapter)

Kyana Cannon / Sharon Parker-Jones / Miranda Beedles

Not Active

Welcome to the Clayton-Henry NPHC toolbox. This is a resourceful space for members of the council to gain access to valuable information and documents. We invite you to explore the toolbox and utilize the materials provided to help enhance your chapter's success and growth.

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